Served All Day from 6:00AM - 2:00PM

Lite Lunch & Sandwich Combos

* Served with choice of: soup / tossed salad / macaroni salad / or Jack's Special Biscuit. Excludes Chef's Salad & Chicken Salad
Local Papaya Delight     11.50
Local, sun-ripened papaya or tomato filled with chicken salad
Chef's Salad     9.50
Fresh spring greens, eggs, cheese, tomato, ham, and turkey
Chef's Salad w/ Chicken Salad      10.50
Meaty Sandwich     10.50
Choice of one protein: Kalua Pork / Teriyaki Chicken / Thai Chicken
Chicken Salad Sandwich      9.50
Fish Burger     11.50
Homemade 1/4 lb Hamburger      7.95
Add cheese for additional      0.50
Chef's Clubhouse Sandwich      10.50
Club sandwich with choice of: turkey / tuna / egg salad
Chicken Salad Clubhouse Sandwich      11.50

Homestyle Plate Lunch

* Served with two scoops of rice AND choice of either soup, salad, or Jack's Special Biscuit
   Excludes Oxtail Soup, Jack's Special Fried Rice, take out Kim Chee Fried Rice, and take out Spaghetti

Kim Chee Fried Rice     11.75
Fried rice (kim chee, ham, eggs and green onion) topped with Bacon and an egg
Jack's Special Fried Rice     11.25
Fried rice (ham, eggs and green onion) topped with Portuguese sausage and an egg
Corned Beef Hash & Two Eggs      11.75
Chili Beef Frankfurter     11.25
Kalua Pork & Cabbage     11.75
Kalua Roast Turkey     11.75
Turkey prepared Kalua Pork style, slow cooked and served in jus
Hawaiian Chop Steak     12.95
Tender flank steak sautéed with celery, onion, bell pepper and carrot
Chinese Style Oxtail Soup     17.95
Slow braised oxtail in broth served with peanuts, napa cabbage, carrots, ginger, and house-blend spices
Chinese Mushroom Chicken     11.75
Juicy sautéed chicken thigh with shiitake mushroom and oyster sauce gravy
Sweet & Sour Pork Spareribs     11.75
Lamb Curry Stew     12.95
Slow curry-braised lamb brisket served and potatoes
Beef Stew     11.75
Slow braised beef chuck steak in tomato-based stew with carrots and potatoes
Spanish Tripe Stew     12.95
Tripe braised in tomato sauce with green bell pepper, onion, and black olive
Fish Fillet Lunch     16.95
Tender fish fillet prepared Hawaiian style with garlic, Hawaiian sea salt, and pepper seasoning
Thai Sweet Chili Chicken     11.75
Teriyaki Chicken     11.75
Hamburger Steak      12.95
Juicy, homemade hamburger patty topped with caramelized white onion and brown gravy
Grandma's Meatloaf     11.75

Lunch Suggestions

Bowl of Homemade Chili      5.95
Chili and Rice     5.95
Chili Hamburger     7.75
Chili Hotdog     6.50
Hotdog      3.50
Hawaiian Loco Moco   8.75
1/4 lb hamburger patty with one egg served on bed of rice and brown gravy. Add caramelized onion and cheese for         1.00
Local Style Saimin     5.50
1/4 lb Hamburger Deluxe   6.75
Add cheese for        0.50
Double 1/4 lb Hamburger Deluxe   10.75
Add cheese for        1.00
Ham & Cheese Sandwich   6.75
Make it butter grilled         0.25
Ham Sandwich     6.00
Fried Ham & Egg Sandwich      6.75
Tuna Salad Sandwich     5.25
Tune Salad & Tomato Sandwich    6.25
Egg Salad Sandwich     5.25
BLT Sandwich      6.00
Grilled Cheese Sandwich     3.95

Lunch Side Dishes

Macaroni Salad      2.25
Tossed Spring Green Salad     2.95
Homemade Soup of the Day    Small - 2.95 / Large - 6.50
Full Side Order of Fried Rice     5.95
One Scoop of Fried Rice     2.95
Full Side Order of Kim Chee Fried Rice      6.75
One Scoop of Kim Chee Fried Rice     3.50
One Scoop of Chicken Salad     3.95

Premium Extras   0.50
Whipped Cream / Gravy / Pickles / Ginger / White Onion (slice) / Cheese (slice) / Tomato (slice)

Extras   0.25
Whipped Honey Butter / Lemon / Green Onion